måndag 31 januari 2011

today i got white lies (<33) new album "ritual" so i've been listening to the awesome tracks on it while just seeing myself on they're concert in february crying my eyes out while singing to my favorite songs (less than a month to go now!!!!). good night ya'll

söndag 30 januari 2011

No makeup.. Want to go to sleep but sadly I have homework to do.

lördag 29 januari 2011

ive been painting all day/evening and night, its not finished yet. now its time for round 2

Who's that girl?

Brukar glida runt, hänga runt, spela twister twister. 
Jag ska sno alla dom här strutsarna vad heter det på way out west. 

måndag 24 januari 2011

Having a pretty bad day. Studying rock history (don't know how that is going to help me in life??). Off to the gym. Always fit4fight.

i called in sick from school today. just so that i could eat ginger candy home alone. peace

not only for your lips

The best treatment for your lips, you can also make dry baby butts smooth again with it!

söndag 23 januari 2011